Modern & Professional Arborists 

Satisfying The Tree Care Needs Of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia Residents and Businesses. 

Ensure your trees are being taken care of by qualified professionals, using the best and safest methods available. From initial estimate and site walk through, to job completion we strive to achieve client satisfaction. 

Providing you with the best in local arboriculture services.

Through extensive experience in addition to specialized training and ongoing education our Arborists and Ground Operations Personnel maintain a level of safety, and professionalism that far exceeds the norm found locally.

By staying up to date with modern, advanced practices, techniques and equipment we keep our staff at the forefront of the industry. From spikeless pruning and advanced climbing systems to dynamic and non invasive Supplemental Support Systems, we ensure your trees are given the best care possible. 

As a company we adhere to ANSI Z133 safety requirements for Arboriculture as well as The Nova Scotia Tree Care Guidelines and Tree Trimming Code of Practice, we also carry full commercial liability and WCB coverage to provide our clients with peace of mind.


As your tree care needs can be extremely simple or highly complex, we provide a wide range of services including 24Hr emergency response to our clients if you do not see a tree care service offered feel free to enquire as it just may not be listed.  

Tree pruning & Tree Trimming

As trees grow so do their canopies, sometimes they need to be thinned, pruned, reduced or raised to maintain an aesthetically pleasing view, reduce a hazard, or create room around a structure, utility or pathway. Tree pruning or tree Reduction is also used to minimize storm risk by reducing the sail area of trees to lower the chance of blow down in high wind events.

All Pruning Operations are performed to meet the ANSI A300 standards (part 1 pruning operations) We DO NOT  top Trees, Topping is not an approved or acceptable practice as it harms the tree and promotes premature failure or decay resulting in a hazard tree. 

Tree Removals

Sometimes trees reach the end of their life span, some times trees pose a risk to persons or property and need to be removed.  whatever the case we provide tree removal services whether large complex trees, or small simple trees we can safely remove them for you.  

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Sometimes like people trees need a little help keeping their limbs upright and in the proper place and prevent damage to persons or property due to limb failure. This could be a result of mechanical damage, storm damage, age, or declining health. Often times a Supplemental Support System installation can allow a beautiful tree to stay beautiful longer, and prevent a hazard or full tree removal. We use state of the art synthetic cabling systems that are non invasive *no drilling into the trees* and grow naturally with the trees. 

All Supplemental Support Systems are installed in accordance with ANSI A300 standards (Part 3 supplemental support systems). 

Storm Damaged Tree Clean Up

With climate change increasing the frequency and intensity of local wind events, more trees are being blown down and causing damage to property around the local area. If you have had a tree blown over whether its across your driveway or on your roof we can safely remove it with * little to no additional damage to property or structures.

*sometimes due to the way the tree fell there may be unavoidable damage to property, the client will be informed of this before work begins.

Arborist Consultation

Sometimes your not sure what your trees need and you require a little help to develop a maintenance plan for your trees, or you have had a tree blow down and you need to determine what was the cause of the blow down for insurance purposes IE: weather, internal decay or damage, lack of proper care or maintenance etc. This is where an Arborist consultation comes into play & we can assist in these situations by inspecting and assessing the affected tree and preparing an in depth report.

Cat & Drone Rescue

Curious cat's and errant drones often find themselves stuck in the canopy of trees. We regularly get calls to assist in these situations especially when they are out of the reach of ladders, by retrieving the stuck cat or drone safely and in a non-invasive/damaging manner to the trees. 

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